by Matt Hunter

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Recorded at various times during the last year and a half with intermittent bouts of laziness, school, and life. My first completely solo venture.


released August 27, 2013

Matt Hunter - guitar, bass, drums, vocals, artwork, production
All songs written and performed by Matt Hunter.



all rights reserved


Matt Hunter Duncansville, Pennsylvania

Matt Hunter is a multi-instrumentalist from Duncansville, PA.

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Track Name: Ides
I've waited so long
For you all to see
The truth obscured behind our
Wall of misguided fantasy

A monument to all things dead

And I tried so hard
For you not to see
That I have become all the
Things that I said I'd never be

A testament to the ills of man

Boots tread on dead ground, illusions shatter
Track Name: Megalith
The fog hangs dead upon the ground
And there's no sound of others
I can't stay much longer

The scent of death hangs in the air
And there's no light above us
I thought that I heard you

And now there is another
I see you rise
Shrouded in shapeless form
Out from the mire
The mark of death he knows it
It's in his eyes
The left hand black, the right hand red
I fall away

You turn the tide, you write the rime

Father time he is a curse
Set upon you
You must now embrace the hearse
Eyes burned through
I see now that we are none
We are worlds apart
I can't make you say the words, you can't make me!

Unturn the stone, and know man
Track Name: Abcess
A promise kept
A sordid deed
Watch the ink bleed

Promises broken
The turning 'round
Trust cuts you down

The mob goes wild
They want your head
Better of dead

Touch of cold steel
A spirit wilts
The temple tilts

Let us not be defined by the misdeeds we've committed
Instead let us be refined and reflect on the good times
How will you be defined